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No writing errors were found, bitches! Ha-HA!

Dear Blog,


So…how’ve you been?

I’ve been good. Busy. Writing stuff, doing stuff, watching stuff. Playing stuff. You know. The usual.

So listen. I know we’ve sort of…grown apart lately. Maybe we needed some space. I’m totally cool with that, and I hope you are too. But I wanted to let you know that I’ll always be here for you, just like I know you’ll always be here for me.

So, I guess, let’s catch up.

First, I’ve been going to the gym. Well, okay, that’s an exaggeration. I got a gym membership and went for a couple of weeks, but lately…not so much. And I really need to go because if I’m going to someday convince Edgar Wright to become my mistress, I’ll have to be really hot.

Also, Adam and I got a Wii. And new Super Mario Bros. And we finished it. So that’s done.

You know what I was thinking about the other day? I was thinking about my dream house. And all those crazy things you always want for your dream house when you’re a kid? Yeah, I still want those. I want a room where the ceiling and all the walls are padded and the floor is a trampoline. I want a giant tree house as a guest cottage. I want the apartment that Tom Hanks had in Big (not the one with the murders happening outside). And you know what else? I want a room just like Jeannie’s bottle in I Dream of Jeannie. Round, with a couch lining the wall and pillows everywhere. And no door. You have to enter from the ceiling or a trap door in the floor. I would spend all day in there. My trampoline floor room would be tragically unused. (Okay, not really. I’d divide my time equally.)

Hmm, what else?

Oh! We finally got our fridge! It’s amazing. There’s room for everything. And it’s mostly empty right now. So, it’s good that we upgraded.

So that’s what’s going on with me. What have you been up to lately? How’s life? Did you go to the doctor for that thing?

In closing, I’d just like to say that there is nothing better on earth than Mexican hot chocolate (not a euphemism).

Talk to you soon (I hope).

Yours truly,

Empress Lindsay



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I knew there was something I forgot to do.

It’s time for Random Friday! On Monday – just to keep you guessing. And because I’m aware of the irony of designating a specific day each week on which to be random. And because I forgot.


I have this problem where about every month, I’ll have a string of five or so days where I discover that I’ve put my underwear on inside out.

Is this a problem that other people have? Am I dyslexic, but only with underwear? I rarely put on other clothes inside out or backwards. And when I do, I notice right away and correct the problem.

This entry will help me to get more weird, underwear-related google referrals.


New nerd crush. Get on board.


I’m becoming almost as fickle as my family, husband, and close friends say I am. I’m always looking for my next nerd crush.

And where do I go for nerd crush fodder?

Geek a week, of course.


I’m reading To Kill a Mockingbird for the first time. It is every bit as magical as I have been led to believe.

How did I get to be 26*/27** years old without having read this book already? Public School System, I’m placing this failure squarely on your shoulders.

What other holes are there in my reading history?

Give me a list of things I should have read by now, and I shall try to fill in the gaps.


Since I began dating my husband, he has promised every year to take me to the state fair. And every year, it passes without us noticing.

I want some deep-fried Dr. Pepper, dammit!


It’s almost October! Halloween will be happening soon! So excited. I love to play dress up.

What is everyone going as for Halloween this year? Every year I say I’m going to dress up as Daria, and every year I fail to buy a blazer in time.

Maybe this year.


*As I’ve mentioned, last year my birthday was so bad that I decided it didn’t merit getting older. And with the avalanche of shit that fell last month, I think the same applies this year.

**However, while I was riding high on my Chris Hardwick/Underwear Signing encounter, I mentioned that perhaps I had finally earned the extra year. So, I’m either 26 or 27, depending on my mood (but certainly not 28, contrary to what my driver’s license may say). Or, as my friend Shelby likes to say, I’m 26B. Only now it’s 26C. Or 27.



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It’s two weeks til my birthday!

I’m going to see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World tonight. Excited!

Because I am a bit of a movie nerd (surprise!), I’ve been doing a little research on it, and, though I knew the co-writer/director Edgar Wright was involved in some of my favorite movies (Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) – okay, involved is an understatement; he co-wrote and directed those movies as well – I did not know that he’s also REALLY HOT.

Hello, new celebrity crush.


Did you guys hear that? That was the sound of Chris Hardwick breathing a huge sigh of relief.

But I’ll still be asking him to sign my underwear. (A different pair of underwear from the ones Mitch Hedberg signed, for those who had an opinion on the matter.)


Am I the only one who, when I see a car accident on the way to the office, I think, “Well, at least they don’t have to go to work today”? And then I feel a little jealous?

I think it’s pretty safe to say that I have no grasp of real world consequences.


My latest mini-gift in the month-long birthday extravaganza: An almost-legal copy of Bloodbath at the House of Death. I see a movie party in my future. And the futures of several friends, whether they like it or not.

By the way, I still haven’t played DuckTales. Anyone have a working NES I could borrow?


On facebook, I “like” NPR and The Onion. But sometimes, when it’s early or I’m just not paying attention, I’ll read an NPR headline thinking it’s a headline from The Onion.

I spent a full minute this morning trying to figure out why “A Grandfather Dedicated to Easing Others’ Pain” is funny.


Guys, I still don’t have a picture of Johnny Five’s head. One day, I promise.

Maybe if I put the right cable in my purse the night before.

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I’m stuck on vampires.

Well, it seems I’ve painted myself into a corner with my facebook pledge that I’m going to do a post a day this week. Hmmm, what to talk about…

I suppose you should all know that I’ve joined the True Blood cult. I’m hooked.

So I guess I should take this opportunity to compare True Blood to the ultimate vampire tv show.

(Um, it’s Buffy. You should know that already.)


Let’s see. Obvious differences are gore and sex – sometimes together on True Blood. And dusting a vampire seems quaint and chaste when you see the blood fountain of death. Also: nudity.

Similarities: They both have hot blonde protagonists with superpowers and silly names. Sulky vampire love interest. Blonde rival vampire who is much more interesting than the initial love interest. Doting male friend who’s secretly in love with protagonist.

Also, Flashback-Angel and Flashback-Bill are both much cooler and more attractive than their brooding present-day selves. And both of them have controlling, bitchy makers (Darla is the clear winner here. Lorena is a shrew.)

Eric is way more badass than Spike could ever hope to be. I mean, he’s a thousand years old. And he was a viking. Poor Spike never had a chance. (I’m also enjoying Eric’s gayness this season. Hot.)

Between Xander and Sam, Xander is obviously the better man. Sam gets on my nerves. He’s just kind of there. Xander doesn’t even have superpowers and he does a lot more to help – and he’s funny! Sam: up your game, dude.

So. Tara and Willow.* Best friends of the protagonist, but different in so many ways. One’s profane and loud and hilarious. The other’s sweet and smart and precocious. And despite the fact that Willow has tried to destroy the world, Tara seems to be a much bigger magnet for trouble. What I’m saying is, if Tara and Willow were walking down the street together, Tara would be the one to step in gum.

I guess this brings us to Sookie and Buffy. Telepathy and white-light-get-away power versus super strength and agility. Even though she buckled under the pressure when she tried on Sookie’s power, clearly Buffy has the edge here. This is a girl who knows what it takes to save the world. She’s killed her true love and died herself – twice. Sookie just doesn’t have the willpower.

Of course, Buffy will always reign supreme in my heart. But I’m quite enjoying True Blood. I want to take Vampire Jessica home as a pet. She’s adorable.

Anyone else have thoughts on this topic?

*My husband pointed out that this may be confusing. I’m not talking about Tara & Willow, the lesbian couple from Buffy. I’m talking about Tara, the perpetual victim from True Blood, and Willow, one-half of the lesbian couple from Buffy. Better?


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Two confessions, two apologies.

I had so many plans for posts this week, blog-clickers. Seriously, you would’ve had something new and fabulous to read every day. But somehow, I never got around to any of it. And I think I know why.

I need to confess something: I sort of miss my tiny apartment. Only sort of. And only in specific situations. But this happens to be one of them.

See, in my old apartment, the computer was in the living room, just a few feet away from the couch. So my husband and I would spend a lot of afternoons with one of us watching tv or playing a video game, and the other would be on the internet…or playing a video game. What?

But now, the computer is in a whole separate room. Which means that computer time = alone time. Not only that, but I’m extremely jumpy, and if I’m by myself for any length of time, I get really absorbed in my own thoughts. So when I’m having computer/alone time, and my husband walks in, I react like it’s Michael Myers. (Not Mike Myers. Well, not 90s Mike Myers.) Which is to say, I jump about nine feet in the air and accuse my husband of sneaking up on me while spewing profanities. (To be clear, I’m the one spewing profanities. I’m not accusing him of sneaking up on me while spewing profanities. That would make it much harder to sneak up on someone.)

All of this means that computer time = alone time = having the proverbial shit scared out of me. (It’s only proverbial shit, people. Don’t get any ideas.)

So anyway. Sorry.


One of the posts I’m planning is the story of Mitch Hedberg signing my underwear. I even took pictures of the underwear. (Not on me. Worry not, Dad.)

So that will be my first post with pictures. I’m a little nervous, I’m not gonna lie. Will I conquer this technical challenge? Stay tuned.

*cue organ music*


Nerds vs. Bigots.

Why does Fred Phelps even care about Comic Con? Have colleges stopped putting on productions of The Laramie Project?

(I have another confession: I don’t like The Laramie Project. It’s right up my alley, I should really love it, I know. But it’s kind of boring to me. I just don’t generally like plays where all the cast members play several different characters without ever changing costume. It makes me think, “Did I accidentally go to an acting workshop instead of a play?”)

(Is that mean? Sorry again.)

Anyway, I particularly love the guy in the Bender costume with the “KILL ALL HUMANS” sign. Yay Bender!


So, I was reviewing my tag cloud, and I realized I have only one post in which I mention books. Yeesh. Ten-year-old me would be so ashamed of 26*-year-old me. I need to do some readin’.

Right now, I’m wanting to read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which I haven’t yet read for some reason. Anyone have a copy I could borrow?


An update from the car situation: the Acura is dead. Boo.

So now we have to buy a new car.

I’ve never actually bought a car. It sucks so far. Salesmen are annoying. Now I understand the stereotype.


Let’s see, I feel like I should have another confession, to make it three.


Okay. I love Tears For Fears. They’re splendid. Every time I hear any of their songs, I think of the end of Real Genius, with the popcorn exploding out the windows of Dr. Hathaway’s house. And that movie is transcendent, so why wouldn’t I feel good about a band that reminds me of it?

You know what? I take it back. This isn’t a confession, because there’s no reason for me to be ashamed of my love of Tears For Fears.

*Last year, my birthday sucked so bad that I decided it didn’t merit getting older. So I skipped that year, and now I’m still 26.


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