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On Cold Weather

So, turns out there is such a thing as winter. I’d always thought it was a myth, but with each passing day I become more and more certain that when I die several decades from now, there will still be ice on the ground.  I would never make it in Montana.

Snow makes the dandelions go away. It is the dandelions’ only natural predator.

I’m pretty sure there is a solid layer of ice coating every single surface on earth right now, like at the end of Cat’s Cradle when Ice-9 gets dropped into the ocean. Maybe on some tropical island, there’s one lonely guy huddling over a puddle that holds the only liquid water left on the planet.

Cold weather makes me pessimistic.

So, there’s ice coating all the highways, and it’s sort of mottled and chipped off in places, and has turned dingy grey from the highway grime. It looks like the background of a Giger painting, but with fewer penises.

But I do like those abstract ice sculptures that form on the back bumper of people’s vehicles, right behind the tire. They look like Green Men.

For reference.

Anyway, I’m ready for summer. Which was here like a week ago, what the hell happened?

Stay tuned tomorrow, I’ll answer my first question! Submit yours today!


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