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Some more advice

You should keep a fork in your purse. It’s very handy.

If you don’t carry a purse, you probably shouldn’t keep a fork in your pocket. There’s a high potential for injury. Maybe keep it in your glove compartment?

By the way, I’m not trying to turn this blog into an advice column. Unless you guys want to send me some questions. And you promise to never follow my advice, unless it happens to be really good.

So, in conclusion:

  1. Carry a fork.
  2. Jury’s still out on the advice column thing.

Have a wonderful Monday. Here’s hoping the icy weather happens early enough to prevent you from going to work, but late enough to allow you to get home from the bar the night before.



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Stopgap Post

As you know, Friday is Random Day, so I randomly forgot to put up a post. I’ve been unpacking all day, and enjoying the first day in two months that my husband and I have had off together.

In my absence, please enjoy The Animal Review. Judging from their content, I think they appreciate the idea of Random Day.


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