Random Friday

I’ve only got two things today:

1. Two people have found my site by searching for “natalie portman panties.” That’s magnificent. Although it was probably a disappointment for those people. So let it be known:

There are no pictures of Natalie Portman in panties on this blog.

Sorry, perverts, you’re going to have to look elsewhere for your fake celebrity porn.


2. Remember my musical about shopping? Well, I found the dress that would have started it all if the movie was set in Mexico in the sixties:

See? Fabulous.

So, if we move the setting to Mexico, we’re going to have to recast. Obviously, Paz Vega will play the Anne Hathaway part. I think Rory Gilmore should be played by Maria from Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.

And the devil? Alfred Molina, of course.

(Side note: Has anyone else had a really hard time watching Maverick since Mel Gibson unleashed his dickery on the world? That’s what I hate you for most, Mel Gibson. I loved that movie.)

I don’t even know if Alfred Molina sings, but doesn’t it just seem like he should?

Also, since it’s set in Mexico, we can make it telenovela style. Which means that, instead of having to choose between the three endings (dance fight, game show battle, or communist propaganda) we can do all three!

Joss Whedon, I know you’re still interested. Give me a call.



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5 responses to “Random Friday

  1. adam

    Molina should be the devil regardless of where it’s set. Also I’m pretty sure he can in fact sing. I think he’s done Broadway.

  2. shelby

    True story….I hate that current Mel Gibson has made me hate old(young) Mel Gibson. He is such a douche canoe.

  3. Rachel

    Adam is right (shocking, I know) Alfred Molina does sing and has in fact been on Broadway!

    And I too can no longer watch any Mel Gibson movie or really anything he’s in. Of course my aversion started with the whole “Passion of the Christ” bs and has only grown in intensity.

  4. Did you find that dress on modcloth??? I love the awesomeness that is modcloth…

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