It’s my birthday!

Today’s random day is less random, and more focused on a particular subject or idea.

Here are some movies and TV shows I want to see:

Don’t you just expect James Franco to suddenly be in the news for buying a dying newspaper and turning into a daily scrapbook devoted to his favorite cereals?

Just me?

Okay, next:

I’m sort of in love with Dax Shepard. Have you seen him on Parenthood? He’s so good.

Because I love horror movies:

I know it looks a lot like The Exorcism of Emily Rose. I just don’t care.

Also, poor kitty! It looks so scared.

And on TV:

I’m not inclined towards zombie anything, but this does look good. I’m continually grateful to AMC for making it unnecessary for me to pay for the premium channels in order to get really great TV shows.

Also, is it always necessary to kill a cat in your horror movies? The cat in Alien made it all the way to the end credits, people. Yes, she had Ripley protecting her. But still.

What other movies/TV shows should I see? Anyone?



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3 responses to “It’s my birthday!

  1. B

    Happy birthday to my favorite blogger!

  2. Happy Birthday chica! Don’t forget, new shoes! 😉 hehehe

    P.S. I love Dax Shepard too! I’m sorta eh about Parenthood, but I do love him in it. 😀

  3. adam

    I want to see all of it. The freebie looks interesting, 127 hours looks like a weird ride.
    Happy Birthday!
    Also I thought Franco already did buy a newspaper and turn into a cereal scrapbook

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