Road Trip!

Oh my god, you guys. The universe loves me and wants me to be happy. Or, the universe is setting me up for a mighty fall.

Either way, Chris Hardwick is coming to Austin next weekend. And, as part of the birthday extravaganza, I’ll be going down to see him. Woo! (Anyone want to come along?)

So, of course, I’ll be asking him to sign my underwear.

And this brings me to my dilemma:

Should I pick out a new pair of underwear for him to sign, or should I have him sign the Mitch Hedberg underwear? Thoughts?

What about you, Chris Hardwick? Thoughts?

(Please note that any underwear handled by Chris Hardwick will be clean and not being worn by me at the time.)



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2 responses to “Road Trip!

  1. Shelby

    I think that you should take different underoos. They each deserve to be the only autograph on your undies.

  2. You’re right, this is a dilemma… I assume you’ll want to have your signed panties framed on display someday. I mean, at least that’s what I’d do! 😉 So, it’s a matter of do you want a multitude of hanging signed underwear, or one pair sporting a bunch of awesome sigs…

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