Busy week = short post


I’m really sick of the phrase “well played.”

Anyone with me on this? It’s everywhere. Commercials, tv shows, podcasts, fabulous amazing wonderful stupendous blogs that I follow religiously (click).

Every time I hear it (or read it, though to a lesser extent), I twitch. And I don’t need yet another thing making me look weird in public. I have so many weird things already.

You know what phrase I don’t hear enough of? “Like a bird in a whale’s mouth.” That project went nowhere.

(I’m sort of hoping that it’s actually caught on in some little niche group halfway around the world, and it will pop up on some soft news story about the new trends in, like, Tokyo or somewhere. )

But in my heart I know the truth. “Like a bird in a whale’s mouth” is dead.

Unless you people revive it. Think of it as an early birthday present.

Because my birthday is this month. If you didn’t know.


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