Big news today!

It’s Friday! I did it! I put up a new post every single day this week! (Sunday and Saturday don’t count.)

So now that I’ve used all my material, I don’t have anything to give you for random day. But when has that stopped me?*

So, here ya go. Random stuff:


The cd player in my office looks like the head of Johnny Five. It’s somewhat disconcerting, since his motto was “No disassemble.” Why can’t you people leave this peace-loving killer robot alone?

(I’d show you a picture, but I brought the wrong cable to work. Technology is hard.)


Speaking of zombies (which is what I was speaking of a couple days ago), here’s a list of interesting-sounding zombie movies from Nerdist.

Most of them sound pretty good. I’d very much like to see Cemetery Man.

Added to Netflix Q. Technology is easy.


So, there’s this movie that I saw when I was a kid called Bloodbath at the House of Death. It is virtually unfindable now.

If you find it, you must watch it. Trust me.

Don’t trust me?

Okay, it has the following exchange in it:

Guy: What the devil is that?
Chick: Sounds like a lot of monks exploding.

Yeah, now you want to see it, don’t you?


Okay, I’m running out of filler, so let’s get to the main event.

The scene I wrote is edited and ready for consumption!





*Answer: A few times. But not that much. I think I could safely say I was stopped by lack of content less than 35% of the time.



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4 responses to “Big news today!

  1. I loved your scene “The Proposal”. Haha! Brilliant! 😉

  2. adam

    great stuff! Monks exploding=genius

  3. adam

    also it should be noted Bloodbath in the House of Death is virtually unfidable in the USA. Countries that use PAL format though……

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