I’m stuck on vampires.

Well, it seems I’ve painted myself into a corner with my facebook pledge that I’m going to do a post a day this week. Hmmm, what to talk about…

I suppose you should all know that I’ve joined the True Blood cult. I’m hooked.

So I guess I should take this opportunity to compare True Blood to the ultimate vampire tv show.

(Um, it’s Buffy. You should know that already.)


Let’s see. Obvious differences are gore and sex – sometimes together on True Blood. And dusting a vampire seems quaint and chaste when you see the blood fountain of death. Also: nudity.

Similarities: They both have hot blonde protagonists with superpowers and silly names. Sulky vampire love interest. Blonde rival vampire who is much more interesting than the initial love interest. Doting male friend who’s secretly in love with protagonist.

Also, Flashback-Angel and Flashback-Bill are both much cooler and more attractive than their brooding present-day selves. And both of them have controlling, bitchy makers (Darla is the clear winner here. Lorena is a shrew.)

Eric is way more badass than Spike could ever hope to be. I mean, he’s a thousand years old. And he was a viking. Poor Spike never had a chance. (I’m also enjoying Eric’s gayness this season. Hot.)

Between Xander and Sam, Xander is obviously the better man. Sam gets on my nerves. He’s just kind of there. Xander doesn’t even have superpowers and he does a lot more to help – and he’s funny! Sam: up your game, dude.

So. Tara and Willow.* Best friends of the protagonist, but different in so many ways. One’s profane and loud and hilarious. The other’s sweet and smart and precocious. And despite the fact that Willow has tried to destroy the world, Tara seems to be a much bigger magnet for trouble. What I’m saying is, if Tara and Willow were walking down the street together, Tara would be the one to step in gum.

I guess this brings us to Sookie and Buffy. Telepathy and white-light-get-away power versus super strength and agility. Even though she buckled under the pressure when she tried on Sookie’s power, clearly Buffy has the edge here. This is a girl who knows what it takes to save the world. She’s killed her true love and died herself – twice. Sookie just doesn’t have the willpower.

Of course, Buffy will always reign supreme in my heart. But I’m quite enjoying True Blood. I want to take Vampire Jessica home as a pet. She’s adorable.

Anyone else have thoughts on this topic?

*My husband pointed out that this may be confusing. I’m not talking about Tara & Willow, the lesbian couple from Buffy. I’m talking about Tara, the perpetual victim from True Blood, and Willow, one-half of the lesbian couple from Buffy. Better?


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4 responses to “I’m stuck on vampires.

  1. adam

    When you said Tara and Willow, I thought of Tara and Willow and was like what? Then I realized you meant Tara and Willow, and it made more sense to me.

  2. Don

    I did exactly the same thing as Adam. Tara and Willow. it’s genetic.

  3. Shelby

    As you well know, I am the only sister that was never a true Buffy fan. (Please don’t kill me.) But I totally fucking love True Blood. Sookie is a total moron and should so totally pick Eric cause Bill is a super douche. Maybe it is because I just don’t go for that whole southern gentleman thing. I am comepletely in love with Eric and am very happy he cut his hair. He is getting hotter by the episode. Anyways, I am totally rambling now but I blame that on the glass of wine….or three. Whatever.

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