I’m a cat lady, okay? Stop judging me.

I know it’s random day, and you’ll get your random post later. But first I have to tell you about what happened to my cat.

So, I mentioned previously that she’s very fat, but that she lost weight since we moved to the new place. Well, apparently that’s bad.

It alllll started when I came back from Oklahoma, and I noticed Kasima’s food bowl looked pretty much the same as before I left. Adam said he hadn’t filled it. So I started to get a little worried, but Kasima seemed pretty normal, so I thought she might’ve been eating off Adam’s plates. Then, a couple days later, she got really lethargic. Her eyes didn’t really seem to focus. She was weak and uncharacteristically cooperative with being picked up. She wouldn’t drink her water, which had also stayed at the same level for a few days.

And – this is something other cat owners will recognize, and the rest of you will think I’m crazy – her meow was different. She normally has sort of a husky Lauren Bacall kind of meow. Now it was more plaintive, like…I don’t know, Miley Cyrus? Anyway, it was different, and I got worried.

So Adam took her to the vet and we were sort of expecting to hear that it was something awful and incurable. But no. It’s fatty liver disease.

See, a cat’s liver is not designed to handle major weight loss because cats were designed to be lean and fit. So, when Kasima lost weight, the body fat went into her liver and just kind of sat there, clogging things up. (This is my understanding after barely skimming the print-out we got from the vet.)

The cure for this is to eat, which cleans out the liver. So we’ve gotten her some new food, which she seems to like, and she’s acting like her old finger-biting, towel-peeing, breath-stealing self. A happy ending!

Also? She weighs 15 pounds. That’s after she lost weight. Fattest cat ever. And apparently there’s no changing that.


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