I carved out time for this because I care about you.

It’s Friday! Hooray for the weekend! I’ve been slacking on the blogging end of things, and for that I apologize. I have a limited amount of time per week when I can write, and sometimes keeping up with this blog interferes with the real writing that I’d someday like to get paid to do. But enough about me. On to…other stuff about me.


I believe I promised you a story about my doctor’s appointment, involving a description of my butt. The appointment itself wasn’t all that remarkable, but there was some back story. (Ha! Get it? “Back” story? I’m hilarious.)

When I was in college (the second time), my butt suddenly had a growth spurt. Every other part of my body stayed the same, but suddenly my butt necessitated the buying of larger pants (this would not be the last time). So I remarked to my friends that my ass was “growing like a tumor.”

Cut to about 7 years later. I suddenly have a mole on my butt. It was never there before. But it was small, so I thought, “Eh, what do I care?” Then it got a little bigger. And bigger. And it kept growing. So I start to think, “Is this karma for joking about butt tumors? I certainly didn’t mean to offend the universe. I was just being descriptive.”

So, after 2 years of ever-expanding-butt-mole-induced worry (and several hundred web articles about skin cancer as reading material), I finally went to the doctor, who’s like, “That? It’s just a skin tag. We can remove it if you want.” 

I haven’t had it removed yet. I read too many mole removal articles on the internet, and now I’m terrified of the potential pain.


In the spring and fall, and part of the summer (the part where the heat isn’t deadly), I drive with my windows down. It’s my favorite part of the year. It does cause some hair issues, though.

I also listen to my music really loud, so I can hear it over the wind.

And I believe that once I put my sunglasses on, I become invisible, and can do anything I want without people judging me.

So what I’m saying is, if you’re at a stop light, and you hear really loud (and awesome) music, and you look over and see a girl with crazy-ass tangled hair wearing sunglasses and dancing and singing along to the music like an idiot: Hi. Thanks for reading.


I am in love with Kurt from Glee. Isn’t he amazing? I think Broadway directors must be praying that show gets canceled so they can get their hands on him.


I’ve been trying to catch up on classic movies that I should have already watched by now, but haven’t for some reason. A few weeks ago, I watched Godfather I and II. I have Annie Hall at home right now, but haven’t watched it yet. What else should I see? Suggestions, please. And remember, I can’t read your mind (and have no real desire to), so you’ll have to actually comment for me to know what you’re thinking.




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4 responses to “I carved out time for this because I care about you.

  1. J.P.

    so, watching the extras on the ‘glee’ dvd and when chris colfer went in for the audition, they looked at him and said, “you look like you just came out of ‘the sound of music’,” and he was like, “yeah, i played kurt, actually”

  2. J.P.

    also, like classic 1985 and back, or further than 1985
    ? anyhoo, ‘maltese falcon’, ‘close encounters of the third kind’… i’m sure i’ll come up with more later since it’s likely you’ll call me an idiot because you’ve probably already seen those movies… also, you have way too many shoes…

  3. It’s not your butt. I figured it out in a post last week. It’s friggin gravity. Your butt is a helpless victim. like a bird in a whales mouth.

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