So random that I posted it on a different day.

Random stuff about my new house and neighborhood:

My cat has burrowed deep under the covers on the bed and will not come out. I think it’s half terror at her new surroundings and half knowledge that we haven’t paid a pet deposit yet. Smart kitty.

There are trees here! Everywhere! I like trees.

The Schwan’s man comes to this neighborhood! You have no idea how truly happy this makes me. They have these little fudge swirl ice cream cups that are the most amazing thing you will ever put in your mouth. Yes, even better than that.

I have a back yard. And a front yard. But no lawn mower, and the grass needs cutting, so I could use some help in that department. Hint hint.

We still don’t have a real refrigerator. Our friend Daniel gave us a tiny little mini fridge to hold us over. It’s big enough to hold some cheese and an iced tea pitcher. Iced tea is a food group to me, so this is a huge help.

I just used three words that mean exactly the same thing to describe our temporary fridge. Huh.

I desperately need a shoe rack, because my shoes take up the entire floor of my closet, and I’m not getting rid of any. In fact, I’ve joined a Shoe of the Month club, so I’ll probably be adding to the problem very soon.

I haven’t had to turn on the air conditioner yet. This bodes well for my summer electric bills. But it’s actually been chilly inside the house a couple of times this weekend. This does not bode well for the winter electric bill.

But! We have a fireplace! That should help.

Are you allowed to make s’mores in a fireplace? Or hot dogs? I’m now planning a camp out themed party this winter. BYO sleeping bags and hot dog-cooking sticks.


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One response to “So random that I posted it on a different day.

  1. rachel

    Yes – you can (and should) make s’mores in the fireplace! We do it all the time – one of my favorite parts of fireplace weather!

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