I’m back!

So in the process of moving, we’ve decided to upgrade our dvr. The dvr has been a major source of frustration for awhile now, due to its inability to obey me in a timely manner. (Am I the only person who yells, “Obey me!” to her possessions when they misbehave?)

We’re getting a new dvr as early as Tuesday, which means I’ve had to watch everything we have recorded this weekend, lest it be gone forever without having been watched (Tragedy!). As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m very easily influenced, especially by tv. One area of my life where this is unfailingly true is my dreams. If I’m watching a lot of a particular show, I’ll dream about it all night every night until I scale back. This caused me some serious problems when I decided to watch all of the happy-go-lucky HBO prison series Oz.

So on Friday and Saturday I watched a lot of Grey’s Anatomy (don’t even think about judging me), so I had very melodramatic dreams about attractive doctors who all wanted to date me. It was kind of nice.

Yesterday, however, I watched every episode of Breaking Bad from the new season. It’s a great show, and I know someone who’s on it, which is kind of cool, but it has a major adverse effect on the quality and intensity of my dreams. I spent the entire night, asleep, wracked with guilt over – ****SPOILER ALERT!!! DO NOT GET MAD AT ME!!! I’M TELLING YOU RIGHT NOW NOT TO READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN ALL THE EPISODES THIS SEASON!!!! (AND BY THE WAY, IF YOU DIDN’T ALREADY KNOW SOMEONE WAS WRACKED WITH GUILT ON THAT SHOW, I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOU)**** – my brother-in-law’s life-threatening injuries that I was indirectly responsible for.

Today I plan on watching all of Justified. Helloooo Timothy Olyphant sex dreams.

By the way, yes, I’m aware that I owe you a random post. It’s coming up next.


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