Mindless Prattle

I’m moving this week. To a duplex, which is like the shortstop between an apartment and a house. I’m excited.

The new place will be almost twice as big as what we’re living in now (“we”, for those of you who don’t know me personally, is me, my husband and our obese cat.) It also has really high ceilings. Like 20 feet high. And a small ledge, with a window up next to the ceiling, that I want to turn into a clubhouse with a rope ladder (I’m not sure how our landlord will feel about this).

It also has an actual yard, with a fence and trees and everything! I’m going to try to plant some flowers. My mom has a major green thumb, but I’ve never been able to grow anything. So I might just be setting myself up for failure. Stay tuned.

It has three bedrooms, and two patios, and four closets. Four! I could have a whole closet just for my shoes.

(Sidenote: Did anyone else ever see that movie with Monica Potter and Freddie Prinze Jr, where she moved in with a bunch of models, and her room was really, really small because they’d converted one of the bedrooms into a closet, and she was living in the actual closet? Anyway, ever since I saw that movie, I’ve wanted to have a room-sized closet.

Also, I once knew a girl who really did convert her closet into her bedroom. It was not a large closet. It really only had room for her mattress – a twin-size. And she didn’t use the actual bedroom for a closet. It only had a desk in it. I think she may have been slightly agoraphobic.)

Back to the duplex. It’s awesome, and has lots of awesome features. But it doesn’t have a fridge, so we’ll need to get one of those.

Some other things it doesn’t have: 

  • Upstairs neighbors who seem to make a hobby out of throwing themselves into the walls and floors.
  • Screaming children playing about 18 inches from the bedroom window.
  • Signs posted in the neighborhood warning you to remove all your valuables from your vehicle so they don’t get stolen.

However, I will be leaving behind my beloved garden tub. That’s gonna hurt.

Also! Our move-in day is my super-long work day (Thursday), so Adam will be moving all of our stuff, and I just get to come home to a new place. It’s like magic.

Okay, here’s something I could use some help with: I will now have an abundance of wall space, including the aforementioned wall that’s 20 feet high. I need cheap decorating ideas, and lots of them.

The duplex has a fireplace. Now, we have one of those photos that everyone has from their wedding, where all your friends and family sign the mat. I was thinking of putting it above the mantle, but I’m not sure I want to look at my own face that much. Alternate ideas for above the fireplace?

For the big wall, tell me if you think this is stupid:

I was thinking about getting those old Arthur Murray dance diagrams and mapping one out on the wall. Not exactly sure how I’d go about doing it. I can’t paint it on, but I could use fabric and spray starch to stick it to the wall, or I could use picture frames for bits and pieces of it. Also, I’m having trouble finding the actual diagrams.

And I’ve promised Adam a room all to himself where he can put all of his video game paraphernalia, so I won’t have to worry about that.

Eeeeeeeeee! Yay new home!



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3 responses to “Mindless Prattle

  1. adam

    I shall call my video game room the nerd cave! it shall be awesome in its nerdiness and lesser nerds shall quake with fear! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  2. Cathy

    in one house i had i projected a scene from alice in wonderland on the wall (the one with the caterpillar with a hookah on a mushroom) and painted it in. then i made cushions with other alice scenes and made a lounging pit below the big picture. it was cheap and inspired a lot of laying around.

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